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The Bird of Hermes Is My Name
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Drag Reaver Monologue
Kain is deified, the clans tell tales of him. Few know the truth: he was a Miss Nosgoth pageant once, as were we all.
No seriously, he made us all enter. We had no choice. I mean obviously I won because who would vote for Mel or Tera *cough* I mean melchiah and Turel. Rahab was a close second with her, I mean HIS, beautiful aqua skin pigment.
‘Why thank you siste- I mean brother, yes- thank you brother’
Rahab! Get your luscious legs out of here. This is MY monologue!
‘Aw okay’
And like that he pouted and left, but where was I? Ah yes….
His contempt for ugly people drove him to create me and my brethren.  
I am Raziel, the most beautiful first born of his lieutenants. I stood with Kain and my fellow entrants at the dawn of Vorador’s pimp empire (I am surprised I haven’t murdered them in their beauty sleeps).
Many bitches have served under him –‘bow chika wow wow’-
*sigh* Many have served him for a millennium.
:iconmarmite-666:marmite-666 5 5
This....Is Nosgoth! by marmite-666 This....Is Nosgoth! :iconmarmite-666:marmite-666 7 10 Excited Dumahim by marmite-666 Excited Dumahim :iconmarmite-666:marmite-666 2 3


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Also, a vampire
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Hi! I'm Marmite-666
I'm the 20 year old nut job in the photos :p
Used to be an avid Doctor Who and Torchwood fan. I still like it but not nearly as much.
I also love Hellsing and various other anime/manga.
I am a frequent cosplayer(as you may have guessed). I make a variety of characters and have recently been experimenting with fursuiting.
Mild Soul Reaver obsession, deal with it.
I am also a mild furry and very much a pegasister, problem?

I take requests! Please feel free to ask, i don't bite..... much ;)

So, check out my stuff. Leave comments and fav :)
peace out y'all!

Current Residence: Scotland
Favourite genre of music: Rock
MP3 player of choice: my purple i-pod nano
Favourite cartoon character: Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna/Alucard and seras (Hellsing OVA)
Personal Quote: on your way to hell you can lick the devil's ass!
So i've decided after all the character juggling that i'd rather Vi was from Nosgothian times or AT LEAST that she lived there for a while.  
(An example of this was during :icondevilworm11:'s Bloodline comic in which we see Vi channelling spectral energy to heal the red Knight of the 4 apocalypse horsemen vampires)
Basically I plan to re write the whole story at some point and I MIGHT have her as a vampire this time- or at least a half breed. That way I can still keep the whole 'half cast' insult in there somewhere.

Focusing on other things at the moment such as cosplay and work.

On the topic of cosplay I currently have a couple of projects on the go and You WILL see them at some point I'm just not sure when.

peace out



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